Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Link up!

Hey everyone!!

I decided to create a link-up to reach out and connect to other premed students, or even med students, residents, etc!! Please include a sentence or two about yourself and what you're aspiring to be. As I just joined the blogosphere, I would love to find new blogs and people to follow! P.S. Sorry for the bare bones of this blog. Still trying to learn my way around it - I do have plans to update! I promise!!

About me! I'm currently in my final year at my masters program and have applied to medical school this year. However, I do have a lower MCAT score, so I do plan to retake the MCAT in January so I'm ready to apply again next cycle. Apart from being a full time student, I'm also doing research in infectious diseases. I created this blog to give myself a creative outlet, to connect to others in my position, and hopefully find those sparkles in my everyday life. I'm creating a study plan for the MCAT this week so I can get back into it starting Monday. I'll post my schedule up this weekend!

Thanks for reading! Now, let's hear about you!!


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